about me ~

I have been online since 1994 and was even an AOL user at the very beginning (after Compuserve). I wanted to design websites from the moment I got online, but it was quite difficult with the limited tools available at the time, not to mention AOL always cutting off. I quickly switched to a real ISP with straight internet and no log-in programs, and began my new career then.


Before that, I was a word processor and editor for a number of different companies, including an environmental consultant, where I was able to learn the software that designated soil types for borings and printed out the information in addition to Harvard Graphics where I printed charts and figures for documents on the laserjet and used the color plotter for some of my graphic work, like large organization charts for work and some of my own designs for fun. I also worked for an IP attorney for several years and designed numerous logos and labels for use in interstate commerce for his clients. Working with documents was interesting but not colorful or visually entertaining enough to keep me content. I always wanted to do more and the internet has allowed me to fulfill my dream.


I started designing sites for myself and for friends in the late 90's and began freelancing right around that time. I did a lot of free work and work for little money just to get some completed projects to show on my portfolio. Nowadays, I would never use any of those sites as examples, but it's fun to look back to the early days and realize how much of a climb it truly has been.


I learned html pretty fast and became very good with it, so much so that I sliced designs for one of the top guys on elance for a while, and then quickly moved on to better things. I see my work is still in his portfolio, which I think is pretty funny.  In fact, someone actually compared our portfolios and said mine seemed consistent while his seemed to be done by a hundred different people. Guess what... it was! This brings me to a good point.


I do all my own work, with the exception of complex programming, flash or conflicting stylesheets. I have specialists who assist me with those types of tasks. If I create a layout or website for you, it will be done 100% by me, and will be all original work. I am a native English-speaking American, and have excellent language usage. I have years of experience as an editor and writer, and can help create copy for advertisements or websites when the need arises.


I work with Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, notepad, php, mysql and Firefox mostly, but can use any software, script or online service if need be.


Any questions? Feel free to contact me now.